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Why FurrPillow™️ Is For You?

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We GET IT... 

Leaving your dog or cat home ALONE is stressful for the BOTH of you!

This bed is made to ease your pets anxiety while you're at work or away from home!

Please check out our sizing chart below! If you're in doubt about the size go up one!

NO MORE stressed out fur babies! 

NO MORE home disasters when you come home!

"My dog gets anxiety and stressed out whenever I leave for work almost every morning, I've checked my home cameras. If you're looking for something simple to ease their stress this is a complete life saver!"

- Shenea

EASES ANXIETY: Raised rims that "protect" your dog which has a positive effect on your dog's nervous system calming their sensory behaviors and providing comfort when they need it.

DRUG-FREE REMEDY: Natural remedy that reduces stress for separation, Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Travel, Vet visits, loneliness, and reactivity. 

REDUCES VULNERABILITY: Luxurious faux fur that mimics that of their mother's mentally triggers safety and reduces the sense of vulnerability. Reducing stress on their heart and mind, calming and relaxing them. 

EASE PAIN & CORRECTS POSTURE: Raised rims that support your dog's neck and spine for the duration of their sleep bundled with premium soft foam to reduce muscle and joint pain.

STYLISH: No longer an eyesore, our minimalist design, and sophisticated colors ensure our beds blend into the style of your home. 

PET-SAFE: Anti-bacterial faux fur and durable nylon combine to create a comfortable and hygienic place for your dog to sleep.

MACHINE WASHABLE: Wash and dryer friendly to eliminate pet odours and excess hair quickly and easily. Note - Please dry immediately after washing to prevent the fur from matting.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If something is wrong with your order, you can quickly contact our helpful customer support team to get a refund

90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are confident in our products, if you don't like them, we will give you a refund! Please check the conditions.

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