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FurrGone™️ Broom
FurrGone™️ Broom
FurrGone™️ Broom

FurrGone™️ Broom

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FurrGone™️ Broom Is For DOGS, CATS, Rabbits, Ferrets ANY Pets!

STOP using cheap lint rollers that never work

SAVE 50% of your time from regular brooms

NO MORE wasting money, 100% Reusable!


As pet parents we understand how difficult it is to get up all that pet hair in the house, car, or even on our clothes!

Pick up fur, lint, and hair on your floor quickly! The FurrGone Broom picks up pet hair fast due to its large surface area.

FurrGone™️ Broom is the ORIGINAL and #1 Rated Pet Hair Broom

STURDY RUBBER BRISTLES - Instead of the standard broom bristles, cleaning up pet hair has never become more easier!

EFFECTIVE- Regular brooms loose their effectiveness after passing over liquids on the floor, FurrGone™️ Broom doesn't!

STICKY TEXTURE- When passing over pet hair, FurrGone™️ Broom picks it up much easier than the standard broom due to it's rubber squeegee like surface

EASY TO CLEAN- Just place under the faucet and let the water run through! Nothing gets trapped because every rubber bristle is equally space.

Simply PLACE above target area, PULL BACK, COLLECT, and WASH!

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